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Donna - Staff PicksSee more
Donna's reading tastes are mostly in the fiction category: adult or children (she says it's just so she'll know what the books are about, but we know she really enjoys them too) Feel free to ask for book club ideas. She has lots! .
Paul - Staff PicksSee more
Paul's favourite reading material is usually non-fiction, although we can get him to read fiction if we twist his arm a little, so there may be some fiction titles on his list occasionally.
Fynn's PicksSee more

Fynn is our most laidback staff member. His reading interests are, for want of a better word, "focussed." (dogs and FOOD) He's always up for a belly rub or an ear scratch or a treat. He'll happily listen if you read to him too. (it's hard for him to turn the thumbs you know.